Hi and welcome!

I’m Britt! I’m blessed with a Southern drawl, the love of making pretty things, and a passion for connecting with people. I started this blog to encourage myself, and others, live more courageously, creatively, and compassionately.

People who live a true life of purpose are dedicated to giving back to others — to giving back to their communities. This blog is another way for me to do that — to share my experiences, my projects, my passions, and my successes and failures along my journey to living a more purposeful life.

I won’t keep you here long so here’s a few things about me:

  • I’m from and currently reside in North Mississippi after spending the past 8 years in South Louisiana. (My Southern comes out often.)
  • I’ve spent all of my post-college life working within Community Development in the nonprofit sector — from creating campaigns and advocating for foster youth. It is my true passion and I hope to share a little of that with you here, too!
  • I am at my happiest when I’m hosting a cookout with drinks flowing and family/friends buzzing around the house. Extra happy if a football or baseball game is on!
  • I have never successfully parallel parked.
  • I will almost always try to DIY something before making a purchase. I like a challenge (and working with nonprofits has taught me to be more mindful of my spending)!

Here you’ll find the good, the bad, and a few topics I’m interested in — 

Community Development, cooking and recipes, DIYing on a budget, illustrations, and life in general.

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I hope you stick around and join me!